The content strategist can be the rock star

How to Use Industry Knowledge to Support the SEO Strategy

Your content strategy has been around the block a few times. It's time to give it a breath of fresh air. The reasoning is quite simple.…

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It's crucial to build pillar content page to connect content clusters

Topic Clusters. The Benefits for SEO and Content Creation

For years now, SEO content creation has revolved around keywords because search engines focused on them. You might even say that using the…

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Wake Up! Multicultural is Table-Stakes 1

Wake Up! Multicultural is Table-Stakes

I still remember entering the US in Miami when I first came to study at Texas A&M in 1998. At Miami’s International Airport, you…

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Bunny going out of magicians hat

As You Can Imagine, SEO Isn’t Magic

One of the biggest desires for businesses worldwide is being at the top of the search results. It doesn’t matter if you’re a…

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SEO and content strategy are the key to differentiate from the competitor

ABM or Inbound? Doesn’t Matter You Still Need SEO

Some years back, a new executive came and led the move from a classic sales organization to an ABM go-to-market strategy. It was an…

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Finding a right solution takes research and proof

The User is the Algorithm

At the beginning of the pandemic, an executive consulting firm hired me to audit their website and provide recommendations, something…

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Think Big Shop Small. Incentive for local SEO

My Journey Into Local SEO in South Florida

The success of an SEO professional highly depends on being curious, always be learning, testing, and more importantly, sharing experiences…

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creando marca con Google

Utiliza a Google para mejorar la experiencia de marca

Alguna vez te has preguntado ¿por qué los resultados de Google tienen la respuesta en el momento preciso en el que la necesitamos? Resulta…

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Popcorn has 22 different ways to translate into Spanish

Insights on Keyword research for US Hispanics

I've been asked so many times about translating keywords to reach the US Hispanic market that I decided to write this article. Does it make…

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SEO is not a condiment

El SEO no es un condimento, pero si necesita un Iron Chef

Me encontraba revisando mis mensajes y veo que un antiguo contacto me escribe y el título de su email es "Ahora si hablemos, !Ya lanzamos…

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Impact of Topic-based SEO Strategy on International Search 2

Impact of Topic-based SEO Strategy on International Search

Search engines are evolving quickly, thanks to the fast evolution of AI and machine learning. These changes are forcing the SEO industry to…

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Person juggling with fire

Should the SEO be in charge of paid search?

There's a trend in job portals where companies are looking for an SEO director or manager. The requirements include managing of paid…

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Blas Giffuni speaking at IAB Colombia

SEO Para Asistentes Personales

Encuentra los requisitos fundamentales para estrategias de SEO para asistentes personales. Oye Siri: ¿Dónde está mi marca? El 25 de Abril…

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Firefighter putting out a fire

The business impact of the commoditization of web platforms

Businesses nowadays need an online presence, and websites are by far the preferred marketing channel to serve as the backbone of a digital…

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Removing confusion from SEO

Educating brand marketers on SEO

I've been helping companies around the world on their international SEO and globalization strategies for more than a decade. It's been an…

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Quality of Translation and Local Expertise. The key of successful localized websites 3

Quality of Translation and Local Expertise. The key of successful localized websites

It’s no secret that a customer’s journey to find answers to both simple and complex questions usually involves them accessing a search…

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International visitors represented by different pieces of luggage

Use Website Analytics to Better Serve Global Audiences

If your company is growing and expanding its global reach, you must make sure your business objectives are aligned with the needs of your…

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