SEO  Services 

Managing and maintaining an SEO practice for business continuity

The constant value of SEO could be difficult to prove and many times considered a given. The expense of creating an in-house SEO team could be a synonym of risk or even unnecessary. It is common that lean marketing teams count on providers to help on the execution of tactical tasks that support their marketing and sales strategies.

Different SEO Services for Different Situations

SEO Project Management

When an SEO audit gets delivered, it comes with a short sigh and a comment related to how to get everything done. The previous situation becomes a dangerous territory as the recommendations from an audit can provide zero value unless they get implemented. To properly manage an SEO roadmap it’s fundamental to understand all the elements of the SEO strategy to be able to identify priorities and adequately guide the execution of the plan. Managing SEO projects should following an agile methodology for its quick value generation and ease of adaptation.

Coaching for SEO Teams

Marketing organizations are starting to grow their in-house SEO teams, having the right structure, mindset and process make the difference between being a cost-centric team and a profit-generating group. By aligning your in-house SEO team on topics like business strategy, technical SEO, content marketing, and user experience improve the productivity and effectiveness of the team. For more than ten years, Blas has evangelized SEO by training, guiding, and managing SEO teams. The constant sharing of learnings made these teams an excellent resource for companies around the world.

Reporting and Analysis

It’s difficult to think about a proper SEO strategy that drives results with a faulty content creation structure. Over the years, Blas has been able to work with multiple copywriters, graphic designers, video producers, voice artists, and even musicians that can provide content on a myriad of topics, formats, and languages. These content professionals work along with Blas and share the same business mentality and vision.

Inbound Link Creation

Links are one of the most important aspects of SEO. Getting links quality into websites, it’s becoming more difficult every day. A proper inbound link strategy supports the content strategy by finding authoritative sites that link to quality content hosted on your website. To get those links requires a significant manual effort and a process that involves data analysis, content expertise, and much perseverance. When done correctly, the results are immense.

Content Creation

Data is today’s currency. It helps business not only measure success but also helps to understand the consumer, their needs, as well as providing visibility of gaps to fill. Getting the wrong or incomplete data is as dangerous as making a decision based only on feelings. Not sure if you want to spend time and effort into configuring analytics tracking tools and building automated reports, let Blas and his team help you, keep in mind that acquiring and reporting data is just the beginning, understanding and make the data actionable is the real art.

"Blas is a talent that any international company would be lucky to have! Over the past three years I’ve worked on cross-functional development teams with Blas. He has a strong knowledge of product management and is highly knowledgeable about SEO and global marketing practices. He does his homework and research to present problems that hold value for a company if they can solve the customer pain points that he identifies. Always respectful and courteous, Blas is team oriented and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Blas to individuals and organizations looking to improve their global product offerings." Frank Drucker - Agile Business Analyst Manager