International  SEO 

Growing your brand across different countries around the world

For many years now, the global economy has become increasingly interdependent. Thanks to modern technologies, increased labor, and better trade practices, companies can expand their markets into other territories.

When growing your business in other regions, you should adjust your digital marketing strategies to address unique needs. After all, different buyer personas have varying pain points. A tactic that works with one set of audiences will not necessarily work in another.

To thrive in intercontinental territories, it’s essential to apply website localization and SEO strategies with an international perspective. Discover how the right techniques can open up a world of possibilities for your digital footprint in international markets.

What's International SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing websites to achieve a good ranking in search engines like Google. Reaching the top spots would mean improving your leads, conversions, and sales, propelling your business ahead of the competition.

Similarly, international SEO works to ensure a solid online presence. However, it aims to capture organic traffic across various countries, cultures, and languages.

Nowadays, multiculturalism is part of the growing global economy. To reach major secondary markets like the US-Hispanic and Chinese-Canadian communities require a multicultural approach.

International SEO is a complex endeavor. In most cases, global companies use the same content across different countries. However, territories observe varying languages, laws, and technicalities. For this reason, international SEO is critical for the success of global companies.

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What Makes a Solid International SEO Strategy?

As with other efforts, the key to developing a solid international SEO strategy is to address a market’s needs. It’s essential to create content to match multiple languages and cultures.

For example, if you want to sell products to the U.S. and Canada alike, you must target these countries uniquely. One core difference worth noting is the languages they use. While the U.S. has a high Spanish-speaking population, Canada uses French as an official language apart from English.

Translating the content can only get you so far in your SEO efforts. Your exquisite English copy most likely won’t resonate with other countries and cultures around the world.

Of course, there are other components to observing website localization strategies. It’s not enough to translate content to different languages; it’s essential to also cater to cultural differences. Before creating an international SEO plan, consider varying pain points, currencies, special characters, etc.

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Benefits of International SEO and Multilingual SEO

No matter your growth goals, international SEO and multilingual SEO are invaluable to your global success. These strategies can help your business stay on top of its game despite the increased competition online.

It might be tempting to attempt a DIY international SEO strategy, but it’s a complex process that requires skill, experience, and technical know-how. Below are the benefits of working with an experienced international SEO consultant.

Grow Your Customer Base

Even if your products or services are accessible globally, you may not be reaching your desired target without a structured SEO strategy.

An expert international SEO consultant can help you improve your visibility and connect with your target demographic anywhere in the world.

With the right website localization strategies, you can reach a broader market and garner new customers across the globe. Gaining access to well-established markets can drastically improve your sales.

Improve Your Efficiency

Having a consultant by your side gives you proper guidance to formulate an efficient international SEO strategy. It enables you to discover what parts of your website or content are working and what aren’t.

You will learn about your target audience, from their unique pain points to buying patterns to keyword searches. Thus, you can adapt your strategies to fit users’ needs better.

Creating a balanced international SEO strategy will determine your success in acquiring organic website visitors from across the globe.

Establish Your Global Reputation

International SEO lets you establish and market your business in different countries. This enhanced user experience helps build your reputation as a reliable global company.

When you work with an international SEO consultant, you will have access to different resources to optimize your website and reach your target audience.

As a result, you can gain the right high-quality traffic necessary to achieve long-term growth for your company.

Increase Your Conversions

Implementing international SEO strategies increases your chances of getting more conversions. Optimizing your website content for multiple countries or languages enables more people to understand your offer.

Messages delivered in a specific local language opens up many opportunities to tap a larger audience, helping you generate more sales.

An experienced SEO consultant can provide technical solutions, allowing you to deliver location-specific content targeted to the right market for increased conversions.

Optimize Your Website for International Markets

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