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Confusion and frustration may be the first words that are usually associated with SEO. This sentiment is the result of many years of constant updates by search engines and a significant amount of misinformation and secrecy of some practitioners. SEO concepts evolve constantly. Continuous learning is vital to understand the impact of the latest updates and the options you can take.

The SEO industry is vast and diverse. It’s composed of a large number of marketing agencies, SEO consultants, bloggers, creative agencies, and many other types of businesses. Each has a different set of skills and process. Results will vary.

The best SEO practices have the common denominator of having full transparency between the brand and its SEO consultant. Spending time aligning business goals and expectations should clear most doubts from the customer and provide the consultant with the right intentions, and KPIs to measure success.

Consistent communication is critical, not only for project related topics but for news and updates. Best results and synergy occur when customer and agency are in a continuous evolution of their SEO knowledge. This communication allows the SEO team to have a better understanding of situations and priorities.

The role of an SEO Consultant should not be limited to driving traffic. It should also include the betterment and understanding of the customer about their SEO practice. The role of the customer is always to request education from their SEO consultant.

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The SEO audit will include an actionable list of technical findings of your website.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is the process of reviewing a website and its reach on search engines. The outcome is a report of findings and recommendations based on the problems found on the site that reduce the effectiveness of its search engine performance. This service supports organizations with larger website teams that already have a structured process to manage the development and maintenance of websites.

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SEO Services

It is common that after engaging on an SEO consulting project, the team requires additional help to execute on the recommendations of the consultant; otherwise, the recommendations are not going to provide any value to the organization. SEO services are for organizations with small teams that are already having difficulties in performing their day-to-day operations.

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Proper SEO combines business strategy, marketing expertise,technical knowledge, data analysis, and UX mentality.

"Blas is a true SEO expert. Where many make empty claims, Blas not only knows all the latest on SEO, he actually has the experience with a broad range of international and Fortune 500 companies to proof his expertise. Working with him on the overall Marketing strategy for many those companies was a great learning experience. He is patient and kind while holding his ground when he knows his vision is right. Blas is a great manager and person all around. Best to get him on your team!" Olaf Jurgen Maltha - Founded and managed companies and teams on four continents

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