Inbound  Marketing 

Utilizing content to build relationships and grow your sales funnel

Often, the beginning of a consumer’s journey with a brand begins by submitting queries to search engines or asking their social networks.

Understanding your audience and their interaction with your offer through the buyer’s journey is the foundation for a solid inbound marketing strategy.

Align Distribution Channels

Now that the audience is defined, it’s time to determine what are the best distribution channels to tell the story of how your offer provides value to your audience. This is the time to define the role of your own marketing channels and the one for third-party channels, as well as long and short term strategies for your content distribution.

Know your Audience

Similar to personal relationships, brands need to know specific details that allow them to build relationships at scale. This information should define the characteristics and personas of your target audience.

Track, Learn and Optimize

One of the multiple benefits of inbound marketing is the fact that you can track every single interaction. You should your data like gold as it will help you confirm and constantly evolve your digital marketing strategy, improve what you know about your buyer and more important how you can improve to stay relevant and useful to your audience.

A well crafted inbound strategy must constantly drive prospects that are well aware of your offering and ready to buy, in addition to an increased velocity in your sales funnel

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