Content  Strategy 

Providing an excellent brand experience by guiding the user on their journey

Take a look around the brands that are part of your daily life. These brands work tirelessly to make sure you love them and keep using them. Your journey with those brands started way back when you probably didn’t even know that you needed their product or service.

Many great products don’t get the level of success they deserve because they never got the chance to make their audience to love them to the point of becoming or remaining a customer.

Content strategy requires full acknowledgment of the ideal buyer and how their life is going to improve thanks to your product. Then, crafting the brand’s journey is creating a curriculum that educates the audience from their early stage to becoming an expert on your brand and the quality of your offerings.

Blas' Vision of the Journey

Blas-Vision-of-the-Journey 1

Awareness: The buyer may not know that they need your offering, or if they know it, they may not be aware that there are other solutions Intent: Once the buyer understands the need, they start furthering their education on the solution and the different options Decision: On this stage, buyers know they want to make a purchase, but may be trying and comparing similar solutions. It could also be the case that the content consumed in the previous stages clears all their concerns and want to test it before purchasing Selection: The buyer has made a decision. Content, user experience, and the demo should focus on reducing gates and concerns to expedite the purchase

Proof of Value: Buyers remorse it’s common after a purchase. Your content and offering should be ready to reinforce that the buyer made an excellent decision. Education: At this stage, the customer wants to get the most out of their purchase. Providing constant insight regarding the evolution of your company and its offerings becomes an essential part of retaining the customer and even build the possibility to upsell. Curiosity: Buyers and needs are always evolving; at this stage, your content needs to support their curiosity on how you’re evolving to support their newly found needs. Usually, the journey ends when your content or your offerings fail at supporting these needs

In layman’s terms, content strategy is the blueprint for theaudience’s experience with your brand.

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