I’ve been helping companies around the world on their international SEO and globalization strategies for more than a decade. It’s been an exciting journey as many of these companies are expanding to major markets like the FIGS (France, Italy, Germany, and Spain), the UK, and the US.

Many of my engagements helped companies that already had a successful SEO strategy that needed advanced improvements, or significant world-renowned brands that needed to reinforce the brand even further.

After experiencing the little emphasis that Latam based companies put into SEO with major budgets allocated to different types of advertising, concluded that educating brand marketers into the value of SEO for brand-building was a good idea.

At the 2019 Pubcon Florida, Bill Hunt -probably one of the best advocates of SEO around the world- kept inspiring and pushing me to take this idea a lot more seriously. On that same conference, I reunited with Daniel Lacorazza and Camilo Ramirez, two great Colombian marketers, and directors of the digital agency Netbangers. They were mesmerized by the quality of the speakers at Pubcon and mentioned the need for advanced SEO knowledge in Colombia.

My presentation at IABday 2019 will be the first step to bringing quality SEO to Colombia. I’ll be speaking about the combined value of SEO and voice search to build brands.

The country is excellent with an appetite for innovation, creativity, and passion for learning and improving.